World Market Pricing

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What is world market pricing exactly?


This is a great question, and one whose answer is at the very core of Western Canadian Airsoft Supply (WCAS). World market pricing is exactly what it sounds like; all of our products are priced in competition with what the rest of the world is paying for them. No extra mark-up just for being in Canada. As Canadians, we have grown frustrated with being charged extra for products that sell everywhere else in the world for less. This frustration led to the creation of Western Canadian Airsoft Supply. During the process of starting the company and making sure our products were quality and fully legal for sale in Canada, we discovered that you can sell products in Canada and make a profit without increasing the price for some unknown reason. As such, WCAS is dedicated to bringing airsoft products to Canada at the prices that the rest of the world enjoys, or at least as close to it as we are able. If you are new to airsoft or are just curious as to what the rest of the world sees for airsoft, feel free to visit any of the sites below, or any similar reputable sites that you find, and compare the model number (minus the “C” at the end) of any of the products we sell or any other that you find and compare the price. Please keep in mind that alot of what you see doesn’t meet the legal requirements to bring it into Canada and WCAS has the models modified by the manufacturer and relabeled as a Canadian model.



Robin Parnell


Western Canadian Airsoft Supply


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