.36g BB's

Golden Ball

.36g BB's

.36g BB’s are used mainly by players with 450+ fps guns filling in the marksman position. Over the .20g BB they offer very stable and consistent fight paths with increase flight times and reduced distances. 

Golden Ball Precision BBs are a top quality, high performance ammunition for airsoft guns. They are specifically designed for upgraded guns where precision is desired. They are produced using advanced manufacturing techniques that promote a perfect spherical shape and balance for stable flight. The weight and size tolerances are very consistent compared to older manufacturing processes.

The special surface finish of the Golden Ball Precision BBs promotes high grip when it is in contact with hopup rubber, allowing shooters to attain the same backspin with less application of the hopup compared to other BB brands. This has the added bonus of a slightly decreased loss of BB velocity from contact with hopup.

Golden Ball Precision BBs are manufactured for all airsoft enthusiasts, from new players up to the serious Milsim set of airsofters. They are designed for high precision on both full and semi automatic, good hopup effect for distance shooting, high speed to reach targets before they move, and fewer feeding problems, even with tightbore barrels. Golden Ball brings a high quality BB to the field at a reasonable cost.

Learn more about Golden Ball BBs. See our BB quality testing here. 



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