CA36K (G36K)

Classic Army

CA36K (G36K)
CA36K (G36K) CA36K (G36K) CA36K (G36K) CA36K (G36K) CA36K (G36K)

The G36 was developed in the mid 1990’s by Heckler and Koch as a modern 5.56mm true modular weapon system. Is uses an almost completely composite construction with the majority of the gun being constructed with carbon fiber reinforced polymer and metal reinforcement where necessary. There are many versions of the G36 manufactured today putting it into many classes: riffles, carbines, compact carbines and light support weapons. Since its creation it has been adopted by the German, Spanish and Greek armies as there main battle riffle and in 37 other countries by special army and police groups.

The G36K is one of the carbine variants and this Classic Army version offers a very robust composite construction. It is made from a glass fiber reinforced polymer body with metal outer barrel, flash hider, carry handle mounts, trigger, selector lever and stock catch. The overall rigidness and weight of this gun will impress. It also features a folding stock, carry handle with built in adjustable 3X sight and the fore-grip is predrilled and ready for rails.

Internal modifications in the WCAS lineup include:

  • 6.04mm bronze inner barrel
  • reinforced piston and head with bearing
  • metal spring guide with bearing
  • reinforced gears
  • High Torque (Blowback) motor (short or long)
  • metal bushings

Other Details:

  • Length: 889mm/Stock folded 645mm
  • Gun Empty Weight: 3.0kg
  • Package Weight: 4.3kg
  • Average FPS: 394
  • Battery Type: Mini
  • Includes high capacity magazine


Note: Battery and Charger are NOT included.





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