SA58 O.S.W (FAL)

Classic Army

SA58 O.S.W (FAL)
SA58 O.S.W (FAL) SA58 O.S.W (FAL) SA58 O.S.W (FAL) SA58 O.S.W (FAL) SA58 O.S.W (FAL) SA58 O.S.W (FAL)

The SA58 is DSA Inc. produced 21 century Fusil Automatique Legere, commonly known as the FAL. The FAL originated in the early 1950’s and is known for its great accuracy and reliability, in fact it out preformed the M1 Grand in extensive field tests by the US Army. So with that reputation it is no surprise that it quickly became popular being acquired by over 90 countries for military and police use. It is said that during the cold war the FAL was almost as common in the west as the AK was in the east. Even our Canadian Forces used a version of the FAL known as the C1 from 1955-1984. Today however the military production of the FAL is all but done with the exception of DSA Inc.

The Classic Army version of the FAL does not disappoint on any level. With all but the grip and the charging handle being of metal construction this is one of the most solid airsoft guns available. The O.S.W features a shortened barrel with rail system, a folding stock, realistic bolt action with functional catch, unique serial number, AN/PEQ 2 style battery case and the recessed mag well makes reloading much quicker.

Internal modifications in the WCAS lineup include:

  • 6.04mm bronze inner barrel
  • reinforced piston and head with bearing
  • metal spring guide with bearing
  • reinforced gears
  • High Torque (Blowback) motor (short or long)
  • metal bushings

Other Details

  • Length: 837mm/Stock folded 592mm
  • Gun Empty Weight: 3.1kg
  • Package Weight: 4.7kg
  • Average FPS: 414
  • Battery Type: Mini
  • Includes high capacity magazine

Note: Battery and Charger are NOT included.




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